Skopelos Information

In 2008, the movie Mamma Mia was filmed in and around the Sporades Islands. Chosen due to its enchanting scenery, in which Skopelos took centre stage. Its views were even more dazzling than the performances of the Hollywood megastars in the movie.

Skopelos boasts traditional white painted houses and narrow cobbled streets and over 380 churches, making it an ideal place to wander around and soak up the relaxed atmosphere.

The main town of Skopelos is Hora, made up of white washed building with traditional red-tiled roofs, beautifully tended gardens and balconies decorated with colorful flora. During your holidays in Skopelos you will realize that there is a church on every street, which in the days of pirate attacks provided shelter for the island residents, the only places pirates wouldn’t pillage in respect of the religion. The town is set against a backdrop of mountains covered by emerald green forests, sloping down to the unpolluted azure blue seas.

The second main town is Glossa, positioned high above the Aegean Sea. Here you will find ruins dating back to 400 BC as well as Byzantine walls to explore. Every year more tourists discover this beautiful town, but it still holds onto its rustic charm and laid-back atmosphere.

Skopelos is the largest of the Sporades Islands, and is accessible by ferry or hydrofoils which have daily services from Volos and Agios Konstantinos, as well as Skiathos where the airport for the Sporades Islands is situated.

Following the earthquake in 1965 which dislodged the hillside village of old Klima, the village of Neo Klima or Elios as it’s also known was built. It is believed that the island’s patron saint Reginus delivered his flock here to escape from a fearsome dragon.

Loutraki is the second port of Skopelos where the flying dolphin stops for Glossa. It boasts a traditional harbor with a selection of restaurants which you’ll find in its small winding street.

Points of Interest in Skopelos.

During your holidays in Skopelos, don't miss the following:

  • Tomb of Staphylos - Believed to be the tomb of an ancient King due to the rich treasures found there. These can now be seen at the museum in Volos on the mainland.
  • Temple of Asclipios remains - Dating back to the 4th century BC on the beach near the capital.
  • Venetian Castle ruins - Dating back to the 13th century, situated high above the capital at the site of the ancient acropolis.
  • Ancient Tombs, Sentoukia - in the rocks on Mount Delphi, only accessible by foot.
  • Monasteries - Evanghelistra, Varvara, Timo Prodromos and Metamorphosi